Article August 25, 2014

Student ShoutOut comes to Dubbo

Dubbo students take education into their own hands


This year CNPE partnered with the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy (NIYLA) to deliver a locally-focused Student ShoutOut program in Dubbo, New South Wales. CNPE and NIYLA brought together 25 students from the Dubbo area for a 48-hour intensive Student ShoutOut workshop.

The students, in Years 7 to 11 at four different Dubbo high schools, designed, developed and launched projects for student-led change in their schools and communities.  The Hon Mark Coulton MP  & Councillor Mathew Dickerson, Mayor of Dubbo joined the students for the launch of their projects at Dubbo College Senior Campus.

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Students from Peak Hill Central School decided to address the negative culture in their school which they believe manifests through a schoolyard litter and graffiti. The team has decided to start an art wall in their school and involve students in building bins for the school yard. “It’s really cool because I asked some guys in class to help me build the bins and now they’re really excited and proud of what they’ve done. We want students to feel proud of our school, and feel like they own it and they don’t just happen to go here,” said Corey, one of the team’s Project Managers. The team is working with the support of their school principal to finance the project and have launched a art competition to come up with designs for their school bins. Another group thought their three local college high school campuses needed to be more interconnected. They decided to organise regular meetings between students, teachers & principals of the three campuses to plan more inter-school activities.

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“Being part of the Dubbo SSO was and still is an amazing experience. The best part about the workshops was seeing everyone bring their ideas to life through the creation of our projects,” said student Mikaela.

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