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Student ShoutOut

Student ShoutOut connects and empowers young people to shape their education at a classroom, school and system level. So far Student Shout Out has engaged over 8000 young Australians in education change.

CNPE has developed and piloted three different models to develop student agency
and empower young people to be active participants in education.

SSO models

The campaign model empowers students to lead and run their own campaigns for education change based on the education issues they care about most, directed at an education leader (teacher, principal, school board).

The school model invites schools to host their own Student ShoutOut in partnership with other schools in their local area. The two-day Student ShoutOut event empowers students to develop and pitch projects for positive education change.

The advocacy model empowers students to ask the tough questions of key decision makers in the education system and have their voice heard.

Why does it matter?

Students are the key stakeholder of any education system, however they are the least likely to be consulted or considered when decisions are made. CNPE believes that students have the potential to positively influence education outcomes for themselves, their schools, their communities and the system as a whole. However, their voices are marginalised in education debates and they ‘remain the group least frequently invited to share’ (Black, 2011, p. 74).

The Campaign Model

In 2013, Student ShoutOut brought together 40 students from across the country to an intensive three-day education and campaigning masterclass at FYA’s Unleashed in the Sydney Opera House. These Student ShoutOut Champions formed campaign teams to develop and launch campaigns for education change using FYA’s campaigning platform Mobilise.

Over four weeks, the Student ShoutOut Champions campaigned for the support of their peers in creating change. At Miller Technology High School in Sydney, Year 11 students Alex T, Adam, Kathy and Alex L started a campaign to raise support for holding mental health awareness assemblies with the whole school each month. “Many students are afraid to speak up about how they’re feeling or reach out for help. We want that to change.” They quickly reached their target of 600 backers, promoting their campaign through Facebook, in classes and at lunchtimes. Their team was successful in establishing a mental health awareness program in their school with the support of their principal and teachers.

The School Model

In May 2014 CNPE, in partnership with the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy (NIYLA), piloted a two-day Student ShoutOut skills forum for four schools in Dubbo, NSW. The event empowered 25 students to develop a four week project to create positive change in their school. Read what happened during the forum here.

The forum was featured in the Daily Liberal.

The Advocacy Model

Piloted in 2012, the advocacy model of Student ShoutOut asked students to pose a question to government around issues in their education that mattered to them. This initiative successfully engaged 4,500 students from across the country. Their perspective was brought to the attention of key stakeholders and decision makers through a detailed findings report presented to a Senate Inquiry. As a result of the significant interest in the report, Student ShoutOut students appeared as witnesses to the Senate hearings. This was the first time that students appeared before a Senate Inquiry as expert witnesses on education.

The Student ShoutOut consultation model pilot in 2012 revealed there is an appetite from government for more student engagement in and consultation on education. This indicates a greater recognition of students as a key stakeholder group that can be leveraged to instigate change at the classroom, school and system level.

You can find the 2012 Student ShoutOut report here.