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CNPE’s reports and submissions align to our objectives and are key to how we, and other stakeholders, are shaping the education policy debate.

A fairer education system – where a young person’s background or school does not constrain their future life and work.

A future focused education system – which prepares all young people for their future life and work, providing them with the skills, capabilities and knowledge to succeed.

Young people shaping education – at a classroom, school and system level, and are partners in learning

  • Submission to the Review of the Australian Curriculum, 2014 CNPE prepared this submission to the Review of the Australian Curriculum on behalf of the Foundation for Young Australians. The submission encourages the  Australian Government to engage with students in the curriculum review process and embed enterprise skills and their assessment into the curriculum.
  • Final Senate Report Teaching and Learning The Senate Inquiry into Teaching and Learning was established to investigate the effectiveness of investment in Australian schools, covering classroom practices, administration, adequacy of teacher resources, teacher selection and retention amongst other topics. CNPE made a submission to this inquiry in Sydney with a number of participants from Student ShoutOut 2012, the first time students have given evidence to such an inquiry.
  • Student ShoutOut: Perspectives on Education, Foundation for Young Australians 2013 In a submission to the Senate Inquiry into Teaching and Learning, CNPE presents the findings from 2012’s Student ShoutOut. CNPE analyses the views of the 4,436 students we engaged with, the research evidence and compares students’ perspectives to that of other education stakeholders.

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