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Ignited by CNPE and MyEd to spark tech-innovation and transformation in education, Eduhack was a jam-packed 56 hour hackathon in late June,  in Melbourne.

Eduhack brought together young people, educators, technology experts and entrepreneurs to share ideas, form teams, design digital products and rapidly co-create innovative solutions that tackle real education challenges. 41 people participated in the event, with the winners receiving a cash prize and mentoring from the Bain Consulting group and MyEd Online.

Many of the groups have launched viable products that they are continuing to develop, including a program to help students take control of their timetable, a tertiary information platform for regional students and an online collaborative research hub.

How did it work?

  1. Network, pitch and form teams – based on expert influenced discussions, participants had the opportunity to pitch ideas for change and form teams with like-minded others
  2. Build and learn – teams spent a day working with mentors and techies to prototype their tech driven change ideas in education
  3. Polish, pitch and celebrate – teams refined ideas, pitched solutions and had the chance to turn the idea into a reality with prizes to turbo charge the ideas

The Eduhack teams’ pitches can be found below and a summary of the weekend through the eyes of twitter can be found here.

See the Eduhack teams & pitches below.

TOCK - Timetable planning based on student choice. 

See their pitch here. TOCK were the People’s Choice winners.


Feminist Collective - Fighting back against sexism in schools & online.

See their pitch here.


Edspire - Tackling regional student disengagement.

See their pitch here.


I Am Eleven - Taking the I Am Eleven movement to the next level.

See their pitch here.


ResearchYo - Bringing research to the community

See their pitch here.


MOOC ME - Redefining the MOOC experience by connecting local learners.