About Us

The Centre for New Public Education (CNPE) was an advocacy initiative of the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA). We closed our doors on the 30 March, 2015 after 4 years of advocating for a fairer, future focused and student centred education system. We did this through alliances, campaigns, events and advocacy working in partnership with students, teachers and parents and other for purpose organisations.

For any inquiries related to CNPE please contact FYA. The Need to Succeed and EdFellows initiatives are continuing with the support of our partners. For matters related to Need to Succeed please contact Need to Succeed, for matters related to EdFellows please contact Learning First.

Fairer Education System

All young people in Australia should have access to a great public education with world class outcomes. Yet we know that where you live is an indicator of how well you will perform at school. There are gaps of more than 2.5 years in schooling between students from regional and remote Australia and their urban peers. There are similar gaps between students from disadvantaged communities and their well off peers. A cornerstone of a fairer education system is an equitable and transparent school funding system. CNPE has advocated for the adoption of sector neutral needs based funding and the recommendations of the Review of Funding for Schooling (Gonski Review) by helping convene 15 other non-government organisations to form NGO Leaders for Educational Opportunity (NLEO) and then joining with community leaders, members of the Gonski panel, school associations, principals, teachers and parents to establish Need to Succeed. Through convening and supporting these organisations CNPE seeks to create an education system where all young people get a chance to thrive.

Future focused education system

It is not enough to educate young people for now, we need an education system that prepares young people for now and the future. The world or work is changing and it requires a focus on skills that enhance communication, problem-solving, digital literacy, creative thinking and entrepreneurship.

CNPE is working to convene key stakeholders and influencers to align, coordinate and campaign for skills that will ready young Australians for the future. A focus on NAPLAN means that much of the education debate focuses on literacy and numeracy outcomes only. We need to measure what we value in education — literacy, numeracy and future focused skills. As part of our action strategy to catalyse future focused solutions, in June CNPE partnered with MyEd to bring together tech entrepreneurs, business, teachers and students at an education hackathon – EduHack - to trial a new approach to fostering innovation in education. Looking forward, CNPE is seeking to raise awareness of 21st century skills and the importance of focussing on more than just numeracy and literacy in a successful education system.

Students shaping their education

Students should be at the centre of any education system. In the status quo students are at the bottom of the status list – the passive recipients or objects of waves of education reform. Yet research has shown us that students have a significant role in improving teaching and learning outcomes. We want to shift from doing things to students to working with them as partners in reform. We believe students should be shaping their education at a classroom, school, and system level. This is where CNPE started and first program Student Shout Out was born.