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A senate inquiry report released today on private training companies will focus on their profits. Although state and federal governments fund most course costs and spend more on students in the private vocational education and training (VET) system than the public system, some private companies have achieved 50% or higher profit margins. In response to possible government regulation, a group representing private companies is appointing a quality committee.

NSW Labor has announced they would spend $1.3 billion on the TAFE system, build a childcare or after schools care centre in every school and they would train 200 science and maths primary teachers if elected.

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VET profits ‘propped up with public cash’

The Australian

A senate inquiry today will raise concerns about the vast profits made by private training companies who receive hundreds of millions of dollars in government funding to provide vocational training to jobseekers across Australia.

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NSW Labor launch election campaign with education vow

The Australian

A NSW Labor government would build a child care centre or a before or after school care in every new school, the Opposition leader Luke Foley says.

Christopher Pyne should scrap uni fee deregulation says adviser Andrew Norton

Australian Financial Review

A key adviser to Education Minister Christopher Pyne who shaped the higher education reforms has urged the government to drop university fee deregulation and concentrate on the part of the package which broadens student access.

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Thousands of Australian students lack hope for future with only a third optimistic about landing good job, Gallup poll shows

ABC News

Thousands of Australia’s school students lack hope for the future and are not confident of getting a good job, according to a new poll measuring their levels of hope, wellbeing and engagement.

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Canberra schools confident of teacher quality as review targets ‘fictitious’ ATARs

The Age • A leader of ACT principals says concern that teaching degrees’ reputations were undermined by low entry ranks had not proven a problem for Canberra schools.

Public school principals crack down on family holidays in term time

Sydney Morning Herald • Public school principals will crack down on family holidays during term time with new rules stating students will be allowed to miss school only if they are competing in elite sport, arts or in the entertainment industry.

Small, medium and large schools: One size doesn’t fit all

The Age • Three primary school principals, with seven, 300 and 1300 students, explain how such schools work for them and their students.

Virtual classroom lets students stay at home

The Age • An experiment in virtual learning for students at Nossal High School has proven successful and will be expanded.

Far from extinct, Indigenous languages thriving in public schools in Dubbo

Sydney Morning Herald • An estimated 108 Indigenous languages in Australia are at risk of extinction, but Wiradjuri is not one of them.

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