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Dr Lawrence Ingvarson, a principal research fellow at the Australian Council for Educational Research, has called for national regulation of teacher accreditation in order to strengthen standards. Presently, teacher accreditation is ‘nationally consistent’, but still the domain of state and territory governments.

A new proposal from the Mitchell Institute’s Professor Peter Noonan to implement an ‘entitlement’ to tertiary education has received backing from the Business Council of Australia’s Jennifer Westacott. The entitlement would be earned by meeting set education or training criteria, and see the Commonwealth absorb responsibility for vocational diploma funding.

The CNPE Team


National standard, not state control, the ‘key for teacher training’

The Australian

Teacher training must throw off the binds of state control and instead follow the lead of medicine, dentistry, accountancy and engineering with the establishment of a national approach to accrediting courses.

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Recapping uni places will be ‘Stalinist wet dream’: Craven

The Australian

Vice-Chancellors have rallied to the support of the demand driven system amid speculation some form of capping of places could come on to the policy agenda if fee deregulation is knocked back in the Senate.

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Report calls for tertiary education entitlement in VET shake-up

The Australian

Vocational training subsidies would be targeted at the young under a proposed shake-up of the sector in which the commonwealth would take over full responsibility from the states for funding vocational diplomas with the states covering certificate IIIs and IVs.

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