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An analysis of Year 7 NSW students results in NAPLAN tests has shown there are big gaps in basic literacy skills that haven’t shifted much since 2009. The NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards has stated it will be auditing teacher courses to assess whether teachers are prepared to improve student numeracy outcomes.

Freedom of information documents have revealed that the previous Victorian Government was considering the sale of up to $225 million in unused school assets to fund new infrastructure. The current Victorian Government has said it is reviewing the previous government’s plan.

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Half of kids failing basic mathematics

Half of kids failing basic mathematics

By the end of primary school, about half of students struggle to follow directions on a simple road map, half fail to correctly identify a group of prime numbers and one-quarter are unable to identify half a litre in millilitres.

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Schools sold to meet $225 million target

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Vacant Victorian schools are being sold to meet a $225 million sales target, which has been dramatically increased in recent years.

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40pc of VET debt ‘never to be paid’

The Australian

The federal government will write off more than $2 billion in debt, pushed up partly by a big increase in the number of students in vocational education courses eligible for income-contingent government loans.

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Grammar makes a comeback in SA’s classrooms

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The teaching of grammar has made a comeback, as schools find a balance between fostering students’ creativity and ensuring they master the basics of literacy, the Education Department says.


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ABC News • One of Australia’s leading engineering schools is about to up the classroom ante with the introduction of the professional design software behind some of the world’s most exciting creative projects.

Productivity Commission a missed opportunity for childcare

The Conversation - Op-Ed • The long-awaited report to government by the Productivity Commission on Childcare and Early Childhood Learning is a disappointment for the sector.

Teaching scheme a lesson in waste

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Should Aussie kids go on US-style summer camps?

The Conversation – Op-Ed • When we think of summer camps here in Australia, we generally think of idyllic woodland around lakes with young children being active and healthy.

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