What is EdFellows?

EdFellows is a program for Australian educators in their first five years in the classroom in government and non-government schools who are excited by the opportunity to shape education policy. Fellows will complete a six-month program designed to build policy and advocacy capacity and skills and establish professional networks. The fellowship will include monthly workshops and a week-long policy internship with key actors including:

  • Education Changemakers
  • The Centre for New Public Education
  • Teach for Australia

Fellows will also work to develop a policy reform idea over the course of the program and will have the opportunity to pitch their idea for change to a senior education system leader at the final capstone event.

If you’re interested in joining an emerging cohort of reform-minded educators influencing education policy while working at the chalkface, EdFellows is for you.

Why EdFellows?

We believe that the work of teachers is at the heart of education policy reform to achieve a fairer education system. EdFellows has been developed to provide a structured platform to support passionate, effective early-career educators to shape the policy environment that fundamentally informs their vocation and the lives and future work of their students.

To be effective, education policy reform requires the voice and influence of those committed to improving the outcomes of their students. EdFellows provides a platform for educators to help influence policy and ignite meaningful reform.

Am I eligible?

  • Do you have between one and five years’ experience in the classroom?
  • Do you have an idea for education policy reform to create a fairer Australian education system?
  • If you’ve answered “yes” to each of the above, then you’re eligible and invited to express your interest.

Anything else I need to know?

  • EdFellows is based exclusively in Melbourne in its first year. While we accept applications from candidates based outside of Melbourne, you will be expected to cover your own travel and accommodation expenses.
  • EdFellows involves a monthly time commitment of around four hours face-to-face, including some after school and weekend sessions. Fellows are also required to commit to a week-long internship over the course of the program, either in a block (during school holidays) or in a more flexible manner over the course of a school term.
  • We’re interested in your ideas for education reform and we will ask for an insight as part of the application process.