Need to Succeed

Need to Succeed (NTS) was launched to support the implementation of needs-based, sector-neutral school funding as recommended in the 2011 Review of Funding for Schooling (the “Gonski” review).

The NTS is a broad-based group of educators, not-for-profits, parents and professional associations with representatives from all school sectors. CNPE provides convening and operational support to NTS in line with our fairer education agenda. NTS supporters are united in the view that the current model of funding is no longer answering students’ needs, with data showing the performance of Australian students has declined.

If this continues, Australia risks being left behind.

The Gonski school funding model proposed an entirely new approach that benchmarked funding for students against the level received by a reference group of successful schools and provided additional money for the most disadvantaged students. NTS believes this is the way to give every student what he or she needs to succeed, irrespective of the school they attend or their background.

The story so far

When Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne backed away from his commitment to continue funding the Gonski student resourcing standard until 2017, Gonski panellists, not-for-profit leaders and prominent educators and supporters rallied together to sign an open letter  that attracted hundreds of signatures in days, helping to pressure the Minister to relent.

Back in February 2014 NTS sent a clear message to the government when invited to make a 2014 Federal Budget submission: students need a fair and transparent school funding model. Though the views of the community and NTS were not reflected in budget decisions on education, proponents from across the political divide found common ground in standing up to the Australian government and demanding a commitment to needs-based funding continue. The NTS has continued to work as a convener of these proponents and advocate for funding reform.

 Confused about Gonski and school funding? Check out our school funding FAQ here

Through NTS, CNPE is working to refocus the Australian education debate on the need for fairer school funding. In line with this, CNPE held Need to Succeed: What next for fairer school funding? in Sydney last year in partnership with the Public Education Foundation and NSW Secondary Principals Association. The symposium highlighted the efforts of the NSW government to implement a fairer funding model at the state level and demonstrate how other states and systems might do the same.  

We recently held our Victorian Symposium What next for Victorian School Funding?, where Victorian Deputy Premier and Education Minister the Hon. James Merlino MP committed his government to school funding transparency. With your support we can continue to pressure state and federal government to enact meaningful school funding reform.

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